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pictures of the guy....wow!!!!

The formative years...

Back in the 80s, Duff McKagan was an émigré from the fledgling grunge scene of Seattle, Washington, leaving the plaid shirts and just-below-knee length pants of Seattle for the bright lights, big hair of Hollywood, California. There he met up with a group of musical misfits including Slash, Axl Rose, and Steve Adler, and formed Guns N' Roses. Their story - a rise to global success soured by drink, drugs, violence and personal conflict - is well known. What remains is Duff's relationship with Slash.

Though the two have separated for years at a time - Duff pursuing a solo career and his own band Loaded, while Slash formed Snakepit and worked on various other projects - they've always maintained a spiritual connection. And now Duff is back with his guitar mate in Velvet Revolver, pounding out that bass groove along with ex-Guns drummer Matt Sorum, joined by the relatively unknown guitarist Dave Kushner, and fronted by former Stone Temple Pilot Scott Weiland.
Duff is no John Paul Jones or Paul McCartney, but on the debut Velvet Revolver album, Contraband, out on 17th May, he mixes the elements of those players along with an R&B-styled approach that singles him out as, well, maybe the loosest in-the-pocket bassist you've ever heard. Not a master technician nor an elaborately intellectual music theorist, he is, nonetheless a master in supporting guitar-driven music and understands the true role of the bassist - to lock in with a bass drum and drive the energy. On the album there is a harkening back to the Jerry Shirley/Greg Ridley combo in Humble Pie, or the Kenny Jones/Ronnie Lane section in the Small Faces. Put simply, he rocks.

I hope this makes people think what drink CAN actually do to you.

As with duff, because he drank so much his pancrease exploded, leaving him in agony and pain..the poor guy would of died...but thank god he's alive still and still rockin than ever with my favourite band VELVET REVOLVER!!


I hope you guys who are also fans of Duff enjoyed this website...I have done my best with it...Thanks 4 popping in...see you again...

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Date of Birth: February 5th 1964

Family History:has had loads of girlfriends I think...but has a really nice wife Susan and 2 really pretty girls Grace and May marie

Velvet Revolver